Cancelled jobs hung in the UI


Jobs are hung in the active jobs queue after cancelling them


By default, when you terminate a job, it will remain in the jobs table for approximately 20 minutes.  If a canceled job does not appear to be clearing from the table as expected, you should find a maintenance window to reboot the appliance.


The following actions initiate a clean reboot of the appliance.

  1. Go to CONFIGURE->Appliances. 
  2. Then select the appliance in question and click Edit. 
  3. On the pop-up, under General, click Shutdown/Restart. 
  4. You will be prompted for the appliance's operating system's root user's password. 



Root cause may vary.  If this is a frequent occurrence for you and you have a current support contract, please contact Unitrends Support at 877-282-8857 options 1,1,1,1 or


1:  Typically customer's set their web login password for root to have the same password as the operating system user root, but these are different users, so the passwords could be different.
2:  The appliance's default password for both the web login and the operating system user "root" is "unitrends1" (without the quotes).

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