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FAQ: Agent backup failures


Agent backup failures




 Assist diagnosis of Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V and vCenter-RRC agent backup failures

Applies To

 Exchange, SQL (VSS), Hyper-V and vCenter-RRC

Symptoms / Description

 Backups fail every time.


 Example Raw Output from Rapid Recovery Console (RRC) for Exchange backup failure:

Limited messages due to log level of 3
Check logfile in /usr/bp/logs.dir/bpserver-backup-169.log
Files to backup: Allvolumes:/ExchangeData
FATAL: No backup data received from client.
Client Name....: exchange []
Client Version.: 6.1.0
Starting Dir...: Allvolumes:/
Command-line...: C:/PCBP/WBPS.EXE -fcbFVV D2DBackups 512 /usr/bp/lists.dir/ -zWHERE=Allvolumes:/ -zEXCHANGEDIFF
Client Archive Checksum...: e0cfd631+31e96ad1+d7593cb7+c089c0e0
Server Archive Checksum...:
Verification statistics...: 0 buffers 0 bytes, 0min:0sec:0msec
Verify was bad
Exit Code......: 13
Exit Status....: Verify was bad
No client messages due to log level 2
See client log in C:/PCBP/logs.dir/WBPS_3.log

FATAL: No backup data received from client.
The database update was successful.

Resolution / Workaround / Execution Process

The error should be (for SQL, Exchange and Hyper-V) in the indicated WBPS log on the client at log level 3.  If the logging level is not currently at level 3, it may be set as such in the client-side c:\pcbp\master.ini under [debugging], set wbps=3.


A quick check to see whether a backup would be possible for a database is to use the RRC, pick the agent icon in the Navigation pane and the Backup button across the top of the RRC.  Then click Schedule Backup and then click the schedule.  If your database, information store or guest says (unavailable) then you need to see if the database is attached, the information store is mounted or the VM is present in inventory on the relevant client to the backup appliance.

Remember to return wbps to log level 0 when you are done troubleshooting.


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