WARNING: short read from network data channel (0 blocks, 0 bytes)


Backup fails reporting a short read from network error. This is typically not a network related error.


Backup data transmission over the network is stopped prior to the completion of the backup, usually due to an event which occurs on the protected asset.


This error is most commonly resolved by one of the following resolutions.

  • Check the event viewer for collisions with another application such as anti-virus software.  These collision can typically be resolved by simply scheduling the backup to occur at a different time outside of that which the other application is performing its operation.  Hint: Review the backup report to identify the elapsed time of for the full backup of this protected asset, then run the backup schedule enough in advance to avoid a collision.
  • The Unitrends agent may not be installed properly.  How to manually reinstall the Windows Agent
  • The port used to transfer data to the Unitrends system is configure to post 1745 by default.  Port 1745 can be reserved by following the instructions in Windows Server Port Reservation or the data port used by the Unitrends agent can be configured to use a dynamically allocated from a range of free ports.  See How to resolve "Cannot connect to client" errors during backups.


The error WARNING: short read from network data channel (0 blocks, 0 bytes) most commonly occurs when the data transmission is prematurely stopped during a backup.  There a many potentials causes for data transmission being stopped prior to the completion of the backup.  This is article discusses the most common causes of this error.

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