NAS asset is backing up more data than is on the NAS

Starting in 10.4.10, any newly created schedules for NAS assets do not have the correct InclName in the schedule profile which will lead to the backup job attempting to back up the entire appliance file system. This issue has been fixed in 10.4.11 but attempting to retroactively fix any existing schedules will not happen.


How to identify the problem:

If a backup job for a NAS asset is backing up more data than is on the NAS then this issue may apply. Also, the schedule profile may be checked by navigating to /usr/bp/profiles.dir/schedules and finding the appropriate schedule profile for the NAS. When inspecting the schedule profile for the NAS asset, if the “InclName” row is set to “/.” then that schedule will also have this problem.


Current fix

The current way to fix this issue is to remove the affected schedule in the UI in the Job Manager tab and recreate the schedule for the NAS asset.

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