How to make a Custom Alternate Principal Name for SSO to Kaseya VSA

If you want to use single sign on to your VSA using a username other than your Principal Username you can use the following instructions.

Edit SSO Application

  • Then open your Kaseya SSO application from SSO Manager in your Passly and go to the Attribute Transformation tab. It should look like below by default.



    • Click Remove to the right and click ADD CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE MAP
    • In Attribute Value manually write {User.APN}. (It is case sensitive)
    •  In Issue as type use the drop down to find
    •  Click ADD MAPPING
    • It should look like below:apn.png
    •  Go to the Permissions Tab and make sure to add the groups of the users you want to have access to a custom username SSO application.
    •  Click Save Changes in the bottom right.

    Edit Users

    Do the following for each user:

    • Go to Directory Manager-> Users.
    • Click on the User's name to open their individual settings/information.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Account Attributes.
    • At the bottom of the Account Attributes click ADD NEW ATTRIBUTE
    • In Name write APN. (Case sensitive)
    • In Value write the username you are trying to SSO to. 
    • Click Save Changes.
    • Go to your LaunchPad.
    • Your Kaseya Application should be there if your username is in the right group. If not sign out and sign back in. 


    • Click on the Application button and it should log you in as the Value you entered for APN.

    If this does not work please create a ticket with support with screenshots of your configuration in SSO Manager, the group your user is in, your users in the target VSA and anything else relevant.


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