Adding Facebook to the Authenticator

You can setup two-factor authentication for Facebook by using Passly  Authtenticator two-step verification. Download the Passly Authenticator mobile app, install it and grant the application access to the camera so it can scan barcodes / QRCodes to add new applications such as Facebook, to the application.

Upon first activation of the Passly Authenticator, it will ask for authorization to access the camera. This is so it can use the camera to scan barcodes and Qrcodes from other applications that you wish to pair it with.

Facebook does offer it’s own version of generating codes to authenticate you when you log into a browser on a computer you have accessed Facebook before. However if you've turned on private browsing or set up your browser to clear your history every time it closes, you might have to enter a code you receive via email every time you log in and verify your Facebook account. Rather than using this verification process, or having to authorize each computer / browser used to access Facebook, having the Passly Authenticator verify your identity.


The steps for pairing Passly Authenticator with Facebook are shown below

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Go to Settings Security and edit the Code Generator Section and click Disable code generator. This will disable Facebooks’ code generator and allow you to configure the Passly  Authenticator.
  2.  Select the Setup another way to get security codes, Enter your password to confirm your account, which will also reveal your secret QR Code.

  3. Now, open your Passly Authenticator mobile application, click the + in the top right corner, and hold your mobile phone up to your computer screen and scan the barcode displayed on your computer.

Test the new application in the window provided
Try out the new application once it’s added by entering in the onetime passcode below the QR Code.


The only time you will be prompted for a new security code is if you attempt to log in using a computer or browser that you have never used before.
If you have the Facebook app installed on your phone, the security code will not be required as if the application is present and it holds your account information, it is already seen as approved.

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