Adding a Passly Authenticator without PUSH support

Passly supports the Authenticator App on either iOS or Android.

  • If you are using Android 5.0 - later the Authenticator can be downloaded here
  • If you are using an iPhone the Authenticator can be downloaded here

If a user is unable to Scan a QR code to setup the Passly Authenticator users can configure the application to support just one-time passwords. 

To configure a Passly Authenticator for no PUSH support please follow these steps. 

  1. Click on the mountains in your enrollment email. You will be taken yo your Passly tenant https://(companyname) 
    Note: If a user selects the mountains and they are taken to https://(companyname) the enrolment email has expired and needs to be resent. See this article for steps on sending the email. 
  2. Local users will be prompted to set their own password.
    Active Directory / Azure Active Directory users will not need to set a password. 
  3. Users will select their operating system, iOS / Android. 
  4. Users select Next.
  5. Users select Option 2 "Can't Scan" 
  6. User will now see the alpha numeric value for the QR code. 
  7. User opens the Passly Authenticator and selects the Blue + sign. 
  8. Users select I don't have a Barcode
  9. User selects "Passly" from the list. 
  10. User enters username and the secret key.
  11. User selects Submit
  12. User selects their username and reveals their One-time Password.
  13. User enters the one time password from the App. 
  14. User selects Next.
  15. User selects Done

User will now be able to generate a One-time password and can test their authentication. 


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