How to Get a Bearer Token in Passly and Use Pagination


  • How do I get a bearer token in Passly?
  • How do I get past the first 100 records?


Bearer Token (Using Postman)

To get an access token use the below API endpoint.

POST (change cp to your Passly home realm, and note the .com or .eu depending on your URL)


The Body is as follows:

Select x-www-form-urlencoded with the below attributes

Key Value
grant_type password
client_id my:passly:portal
username <yourUserName>
password <yourPassword>


The response will be:



Now that you have a token, you can make API calls against your Passly tenant. You can find all the available API endpoints within the Passly UI:



In order to get more than 100 records, you would need to use the attributes top and skip. NOTE: Skip must be used with an order by attribute, while top can be used by itself. 


The below API endpoint will provide you the second record in your Passly user list.


This will skip the first record, and return the top record which is the second record as the first one is skipped.

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