Adding Google to the Authenticator

You can setup two-factor authentication for your Google Account by using Passly Authtenticator two-step verification. Download the Passly Authenticator mobile app, install it and grant the application access to the camera so it can scan barcodes / QRCodes to add new applications such as Google, to the application.

Upon first activation of the Passly Authenticator, it will ask for authorization to access the camera. This is so it can use the camera to scan barcodes and Qrcodes from other applications that you wish to pair it with.
The steps for pairing Passly Authenticator with Gmail and other Google account applications are shown below

  1. Login to your Gmail account. If you don’t already, you’ll be required to setup two factor SMS texting prior to having the option to use a mobile app instead. 
  2. To access the SMS Setup and configuration area, Go to Settings Accounts and Import, and under the Change Account Settings section, choose Other Google Account Settings.
  3. A new tab will open up, select Signing in to Google under the Sign-in & Security section, then on the next screen select the arrow beside the 2-Step Verification area, then select the Start Setup button.

    You will prompted to re-enter your password for verification purposes. Follow the prompts on each screen to configure the SMS texting.
  4. Once the SMS texting two step verification is configured, you will have the option to Switch to App for verification codes. Select this button. 
  5. A window will pop up where you select your phone type, click Continue.

Test the new application in the window provided
Try out the new application once it’s added by entering in the onetime passcode below the QR Code.

Once the application has been tested, upon your next login, you will be prompted for a Verification code to complete the login process.

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