Passly Authenticator Permissions


Why is the Passly Authenticator asking for so many permissions?


Please keep in mind that this list above is not the permissions list, it’s a list of actions which its allowed by approving lesser set of permissions. 


Passly is using the same standard permissions as other vendors like Microsoft.

  • The group of USB actions is introduced by adding the only “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission which is required to access scanned barcode when adding a new account. User may try to discard this and add accounts manually, this won’t affect the rest app functionality.
  • Flashlight permission may be required to enable flashlight when scanning barcode in the dark
  • "android.permission.INTERNET” expands in 3 network related actions. This permission is mandatory, and app won’t make any sense without it (it’s the most generic permission used by most apps with client-server architecture).



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