What is a failed restore?

A fundamental value that Spanning Backup for Google Workspace provides our customers is the ability to return or “restore” lost or overwritten data backed up in Spanning Backup directly back into their Google account.  Customers can initiate a restore operation on their data through the application and it will return the data back in the same format as we received it. In almost all cases, the product will restore the data automatically without a problem.

If the product does run into a problem, the customer must contact support@spanning.com within 5 business days so that our team can investigate and resolve the issue.  Our support and engineering teams will then work with the customer to restore the data back directly into their account within 10 business days (M-F, 9 AM-5 PM Central Time) after they receive all information necessary in order to investigate or resolve the issue. 

Note that a restore won’t be considered a failed restore if the failure was due to Google Workspace or Google Workspace account limitations.

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