How do I navigate to user backup data within Spanning for Google Workspace?

To improve the usability of our product and align user experience across our portfolio, Spanning team is excited to introduce significant update in terms of navigating to the data backed up for your Google Workspace users.

Formerly known lookup menu (activated with magnifying glass icon) that was visible in the top navigation bar, will no longer be available, as it is being replaced with complete 'Users' list, coming with variety of new features, and more expected in the future.

Previous navigation UI

The top bar navigation has been deprecated and will no longer be visible:

Current navigation UI

1. Once logged into your Spanning backup as administrator, protected Users list is now available to display from left-side navigation menu.

2. To narrow down your results you can use search box, or variety of filters known from Manage License page.

3. To get into backup data for specific user to restore, export, change settings etc., please click on three dots menu on the right, and use 'Impersonate' action.

4. Alternatively, when expanded the user information (by clicking on the row) for detailed information about last backup, the 'Impersonate' action will be available there as well.

5. Once impersonated, the interface and features available from backed up user context has not changed.

6. To close backed up user specific context and get back to main navigation menu, please use the back buttons available in each menu sub-page.

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