Where can I access Team Drives Backups?

Team Drive backups can be accessed by following these steps:

1. Impersonate the user that has the "Manager" or "Content Manager" role on the Team Drive.
2. Click the Restore tab.
3. Click the Drive tab.
4. Click Team Drive.


If you have enabled users to access Spanning, the users that have the "Manager" or "Content Manager" role on the Team Drives will be able to access their Team Drive backups from the Drive Tab when they navigate to the Restore page in Spanning Backup. 

Please note that the backup history for Team Drives cannot be transferred from one user to another. If you remove the Spanning license for a Team Drive member with one of these roles, the Team Drives backup history will be purged in 30 days. Spanning recommends using a service account as a Team Drive member with the "Manager" or "Content Manager" role even if you have other users with these roles to maintain the backup history.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support@spanning.com.

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