Domain re-name support for Google Workspace

It is possible that an organization having multiple linked domains might need to switch a primary one, or simply rename an existing one for any reason. Spanning for Google Workspace can support such event, helping organizations to retain their backed up data. As a result, after the change the user will still login to the same instance of Spanning and backup will be continued on the same instance.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Change the primary domain in Google.

2. Login to your Spanning tenant with Google Super Admin account with old domain name and navigate to Settings.

3. Scroll down to the Primary Domain section and click Re-sync primary domain.


4. Re-authenticate the action with your Google Super Admin account.


5. Your primary domain should be updated.


If you have added new admins for your new primary domain, go to Manage Licenses (1) and refresh the user list (2) to allow them to log into Spanning:



Please don't delete old primary domain from your Google environment until the re-sync is done on the Spanning side.

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