Discovered Devices page shows empty


The page Discovery Networks > Discovered Devices shows empty rather than showing up the devices. It shows perfectly fine in Discovered Devices - Tile View though.



A table is missing from the DB.


From the above example, it appears that there is an invalid object name message from the console, it may have appeared that this table is missing 

Invalid object name 'kasadmin.deviceDeployment'

As per the error, there was an issue with the kasadmin.devicedeployment.sql query which was giving this error. To fix this, we will have to run the query belongs to the same object as explained below. 


To fix the issue, we need to run the SQL query from the below location on the SQL server against the Ksubscribers database.

C:\Kaseya\DBInstall\core\table\kasadmin.deviceDeployment.sql (which on Kserver).


Applies to: 

9.5 and Above 












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