Unable to deploy agents to workgroup machines (Error 1312) when using Discovery by Network


When deploying agents to workgroup machines, throws error 1312 under Discovery -> Discovered Devices -> Deploy Status

The complete error would be similar to what we see below:

Could not connect to \\<workgroup machine name>\c$ or \\<workgroup machine name>Admin$ Connect to c$/Admin$ failed Error 1312



Firstly, ensure below points are true:

1) The probe machine has network access to the endpoint where this error is seen.

2) The credentials specified on the probe machine have the required rights (local administrator) to access the C$ and the Admin$ share.

At times, despite ensuring the above two are in place correctly, you will still see this error coming up. This is especially seen on workgroup machines (when pushing agents to workgroup machines through Discovery by Network)

To resolve this error, you need to create a Registry Key, a DWORD value in the below path on the endpoint where the error is seen:

The path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

The key: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy


Value: 1

Once the registry key is created, you can test the agent deployment and you should no longer receive this error. 


Please open a ticket with our Support Team in case you are still facing issues.


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