Domain Probe status errors in Step 7


Domain probe installation fails with error "Start AD Review Failed (1268 Script Summary Failed: then in Step 7)



Step 7 error normally occurs when the credentials you have set do not have the level of access needed to install the probe.


  1. Make sure you are using Domain Administrator credentials.
  2. Perform a "verify and set credentials", this can be done by going to Discovery > Domain > Domain Watch.
  3. Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_12.45.57_PM.png
  4. Select the domain and the probe machine. Click on verify and set credentials after checking or reinserting the password.

The credential used for probe install need the below rights in the domain controller.

Please check if the below rights are allowed for that user.

  • Create a GPO for the purpose of storing Kaseya install packages
  • Reset a password
  • Enable or disable a user account



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