Retroactive Prorated Billing

Billing Managers can send invoices for recurring services in advance, and have any quantity increments or decrements during the invoiced period show up as a prorated charges in the subsequent invoice. This feature is available for all billing unit types.

In the scenario below we have a contract containing one recurring service, with unit price $2500. The billing unit is Contact Count, and the contact count is one. Normally an invoice would be sent at the beginning or the end of the billing period, but for the purpose of demonstrating proration, the customer has been invoiced for the entire contract period in advance.


In the scenario above, the billable periods are the overlap between the contract, service, and contact, so under Billing Review, we expect to see three line items.


Now let's deactivate the contact, and when prompted, set the Billing Effective Date to July 15. Service credits must be given to the customer for the remainder of July and August.


On the contract details page, two prorated transactions appear for service credits that are owed to the customer. These line items also appear in the billing review.


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