Release Notes for Recovery Series, Recovery Max, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup 10.8.1

This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 10.8.1 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.

  • Rebooting the Unitrends appliance is recommended upon upgrading to this release.
  • Beginning in release 10.7.10, updates to backup and backup copy components require access to Before upgrading your appliance, open port 443 outbound from the Unitrends appliance to for the HTTPS protocol.


On-box IR management controls

This release includes VM controls for Instant Recovery of image-level backups, including CPU and RAM  configurations and power management. These controls enable VM management right from the Unitrends  UI for IRs that are running on the Unitrends appliance. For details, see Instant recovery of  Windows image-level backups in the Administrator Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.


Improved VMware Integration (VMware 7 and 8)

Enhancements ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


Technical and UI improvements

Enhanced back-end support with new APIs to improve the UniView experience, introduced UI elements for a more intuitive experience.


Security updates

Applied appliance security updates.


Windows agent

This release includes an updated Windows agent with these new features:

  • Installation and deployment – Installer validations for silent installs (RMM agent deployments, GPO, etc.) for improved deployment flexibility.
  • Logging optimization – Enhanced compatibility checks between agent and appliance versions for

The 10.8.1 agent is recommended for most 64-bit Windows assets and is required for Windows agent enhancements and fixes in this release.



The table below lists fixes included in this release. 

Component   Fix
  • Hardware compatibility – Fixed Recovery Archive disk management and updated drivers for 25G Fiber NICs.
  • Memory and logging enhancements – Corrected memory assignment issues.
  • Communication with Unitrends Cloud or hot backup copy target appliance – Resolved an issue where the UI could hang if the Unitrends Cloud or target appliance could not be reached.
  • Cold backup copy UI and threshold adjustments – Resolved UI hanging issues and arbitrary limits for cold copy thresholds.
  • Agent push – Resolved issues related to agent push behavior.
  • Security – Applied security enhancements.


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