Working with Shared Mailbox's with Microsoft 365

A shared mailbox is designed to monitor and send email from a public email alias. This feature is available to a specific group of people.
In general, shared mailbox in Outlook works the same after Office365 application federation as it did before federation

Adding a user who is a member of a shared mailbox to outlook:

  1. Create a shared mailbox account and block sign-in according to
  2. Create an Office 365 application in Passly according to
  3. Federate an Office 365 application according to
  4. Import/Synchronize the shared mailbox user and users who are members of the shared mailbox according to (see User Synchronization section) to Passly and add them to a group that has access to the Office 365 app.
    Note: If you do not add the shared mailbox user to the group, then you will not be able to read messages

  5. Add a user who is a member of the shared mailbox to Outlook according to At the credentials entry step, you will need to enter the data from Passly.

Handling shared mailbox user:

You can change the data for a shared mailbox user in the Account Information tab in Passly. All changes will be reflected in Azure AD if the appropriate settings are selected in the Synchronization tab of the Office365 application.

Note: a shared mailbox is not designed for direct login. The user account for the shared mailbox itself should stay in a disabled state as per

If you try to launch any application directly through Launchpad of shared mailbox user, you will receive the following message. Similar situation when adding shared mailbox in Outlook.


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