VSA users using AD login configured from discovery are unable to login


Discovery users are unable to login with below shown error

Error: "This user appears to be out of synch with the domain. Please contact your administrator to trigger a harvest of domain users."


1. Please log into the vsa using your local admin account
2. Please browse to discovery>domain watch>select the domain that contains the users having the issue
3. Please select policies tab and select users or groups or users depending on how you want to proceed


For a test user who is having this issue, you can select users tab>look for the user>select the user>click on configure user policy


4. Once you have configured the policy for the users or groups, please make sure you click on 'Apply Policy'. You will continue to see orange status as shown below if you don't click on Apply Policy


5.Once the apply policy has been clicked you will start to see probe status change as you refresh it. Eventually this will come back to either Installed or Activated state suggesting the harvest for that user is complete


6.Please browse to discovery>domains>users & portal access and verify you see the domain users that you had configured in step 3 listed up as VSA users


7. If you do see a user listed properly in discovery>domain>users but if it is missing a tick in VSA column then there was some error when completing the process. To find out what the issue was please browse to discovery>administration>audit log and please see what the error is

For example: Below user does not show tick in VSA column


And here is the audit log error



Please make sure the user has all the details in AD as shown in above error.If any of the detail is missing,you will see such warning and will result in such tick mark missing. This may result in user not being able to log in

8. Please ensure to have a full synchronization scheduled from discovery>domain watch>schedule and status>schedule full synchronization. This will make sure your kaseya will have fresh information being harvested from AD to kaseya database.


Applies to:

Kaseya VSA 6.3x and above



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