How can I run a manual instance of LAN Watch to troubleshoot agent install issues?


How can I run a manual instance of LAN Watch to troubleshoot agent install issues?



After scanning the LAN using LAN Watch you have entered apparently valid credentials and used a valid package to install agents on machines. Some have come back with obvious error messages, e.g. wrong username and password, no admin$ share - but some seemed to have just not installed.
Run a manual instance of the LAN Watch to assess the problem.

LAN Watch uses a program called Kconnect.exe to remotely connect to and install the agent on remote machines; it is this program you need to run to assess the issue and you need to run it from the machine you originally ran the LAN Watch on.  To access the machine you may need to remote control to it.

1.  On the machine on which you have been running LAN Watch, the Kconnect.exe file is located in the Kaseya Working directory, (you can verify the location of the working directory in IT Center VSA -> Agent -> Configure Agents -> Working Directory).

2.  In the VSA, create an Agent Package which includes the /r (force reinstall) switch, this will force the install to proceed if some part of a previously failed Agent install still exists.

3.  Copy this package to the same working directory.

4.  From a command line on the LAN Watch machine type the following command from the working directory. 


Kconnect.exe \\MACHINENAME -c -u username -password kcssetup.exe 

(with MACHINENAME being the target machine for the agent)

error code 0 = successful install

Any other error message type the following to get info on the error:

net helpmsg {error number}

These error messages are Windows error messages and not Kaseya or Kconnect error messages.




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