System Auto Approves Timesheets


The system is automatically approving time sheets instead of allowing a manager or supervisor to do so




This specifies that your time tracking and users are not set up properly. You will need to do the following:

1- Create an Approval Pattern:

    Go to Time Tracking  > Configure > Approval Patterns. From here, type in any approval name you like. You can set the Approver field to: Manager, then click Save

2- Make sure the users that are entering time in the time sheets have a staff member associated to their VSA user:

    Go to the System module > Users > Select the user > click on Edit > Make sure the First and Last name are filled out > Set their name as the Staff Member

3- Designate an approver:

Go to System > Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff > Manage > Select the organization you will be the approver > Staff tab > Select the user you be approving the  timesheet entries > Edit > Scroll down and select the Approval Pattern you created on step #1.








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