KSB QuickBooks Desktop Integration Troubleshooting

KSB Web Connector Application (on QuickBooks machine)

  1. When you add the KSBQBWebConnectorSvc.qwc file to QWBC; if it give errors about the URL not being correct. Open the qwc file in Notepad.exe, copy the URL, and paste it into Internet Explorer. If you are unable to browse the web service via IE, then the URL may need modification. ServiceBilling does its best to build a proper URL, but your particular configuration may require the URL in the qwc file to me manually modified. And, if it is not a localhost connection, HTTPS is required.
  2. If you are having trouble with authentication in the QBWC application: 
    • Try browsing to the web service in your web browser. Click the "authenticate" link, enter your user name and password. You will get XML back. If there was an error it will be in the first element called "<string>". This should help determine what the issue is.
  3. If the QBWC application seems to have hung, that is freeze at the same point for a long time. You may have to kill it using the Task Manager (QBWebConnector.exe). After this you should reset IIS as well.
  4. If you get an error in the QBWC application saying that the version of qbXml is not correct, then you may have too old a version of QuickBooks desktop.
  5. If you notice Invoice Add operations are failing with an error about an invalid reference to a "salestaxcode", then you will need to active Sales Taxes in your QuickBooks system (Edit->Preferences, Sales Tax, Company Preferences tab, set "Do you charge sales tax" to 'yes'). Also, "Add sales tax item" just below the radio button. If you have no tax, you can just make one with a zero rate.
  6. If you are not getting data returned to ServiceBilling when refreshing external accounting customers,  then look in the QB Web Connector log file (View Log button). If there are "Maximum request length exceeded" exceptions, then the amount of data from QB is greater than the web service is set to allow. By default maxRequestLength="4096". You can increase this in the web.config file in the "..\kaseya\vsaWs" folder. Open the web.config file in notepad (make sure you ONLY change the web.config file in the vsaWS folder). This example sets the maxRequestLength to 8192K (double the default 4096K). You can set the value to more or less as needed. Set it to:
    • <configuration>
    • <system.web>
    • <httpRuntime executionTimeout = "720" maxRequestLength="8192"/>
    • </system.web>
    • </configuration>
  7. If you change the password in QB Web Connector (QBWC), and it is set to Auto-Run, you will need to Exit QBWC and restart it to get the auto-run schedule to use to the new password.
  8. If you are getting "Maximum connection retries exceeded" error in QB Web Connector (QBWC), then you probably have an incorrect path to the QuickBooks (QB) company file stored in ServieBilling. Even though the path is stored in ServiceBilling, it needs to be a valid path on the QBWC machine.
    • If the company file path is correct, then you probably did not give the entry in QBWC rights to "access the QB company file even if QB is not running" (step 8 in QBWC install). You cannot correct this in QBWC, except by removing and re-adding. However, you can do it in QuickBooks.
      • Start QuickBooks;  Edit -> Preferences
      • In the left side of the Preferences dialog, select "Integrated Applications"
      • Select Company Preferences tab
      • In the grid, there should be an entry called "KSB QBWebConnector Service".
      • Select it, and click the Properties button.
        • Make sure "Allow this application to read and modify this company file" is selected
        • Make sure "Allow this application to login automatically" is selected.
    • If you are still getting the error, then you may need to run QuickBooks at the same time you are running QBWC. Just start QuickBooks, and leave it running. Then start QBWC.
  9. If you are getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errors in QB Web Connector (QBWC) when Adding Customers or Adding Invoices to QuickBooks, then there may be reserved Xml characters (&,<,>,',") in the RequestXml.  Look in the QBWC Log file, go to the bottom, and scroll up until you see an Error message.  If it says something about a parsing error, or a name can't begin with some character, then it is probably a reserved char in xml issue. A code fix has been done to fix this issue,. NOTE: The fix only works for new jobs, all the previous jobs in the ksb.QBWCJobs table that have the bad xml will remain that way, and will need to be deleted, or fixed. Otherwise the error will remain.


ServiceBilling (on Kaseya machine)

  1. If you do not see the link to the "KSBQBWebConnectorSvc.qwc " file on the ServiceBilling Configuration screen after setting up your connection information, just try refreshing the screen.

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