Passly 7.4.12 - Release Notes

Date: Mar. 27th 2024


We conducted a further review and enhancement of Passly infrastructure to bolster security measures. These changes are part of our ongoing efforts in proactive maintenance to ensure the robustness of Passly.

Defect Fixes

User Interface

  • User Interface – Filtering. We have adjusted the filtering functionality across the user interface to make the experience more common across Kaseya Modules. 
  • User Interface – We have changed the phrase “Disabled” to “Inactive” across the interface. Customers will see this in places like Authentication Policies & User Details screen. 
  • User Interface – We have updated the authentication code text formatting to make the Kaseya look and feel. 
  • User Interface – Directory Manager – Groups. An issue occurred where the groups were not being displayed correctly.  

    This issue is now resolved.
  • Onboarding / Tenant Access Onboarding – Password Reset Email. An issue occurred where the “Reset Password” email page has incorrect alignment when received by the user. This has been corrected and all new emails should look correct.

Directory Manager

  • Directory Manager > Groups. When adding a User to a Group a display issue occurred where the modal spacing was not aligned. This has been corrected and will now display correctly.
  • Users > Settings >Recovery Number. An issue occurred that was preventing a newly registered recovery number from being displayed after it was added. This issue was resolved, and all customers should see their expected recovery number in Settings.


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