Passly 7.4.9 - Release Notes

Date Jan. 3, 2024

This release includes Security updates, adjustments and defect fixes.

Security Adjustments

We have made several changes to ensure that our web applications are as secure as is possible.

New Features

IT Complete – Integrations – Passly has launched an integration with Compliance Manager. This integration will now send data to Compliance Manager for all Passly tenants.
This integration will be used to show compliance of users enabled for two factor authentication via Passly.

Defect fixes

Policy Manager – Authentication Policies – An issue occurred where the “Else” condition could not be removed from an authentication policy. This issue has been resolved at the backend. No customer action is required.
IT Complete – PSA Billing Integration – There was an issue with how the data was being transmitted for MSP tenants. This data flow issue was resolved and all Passly MSP’s should be seeing their Billing working via the PSA integration.

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