Passly 7.4.8 - Release Notes

Date Dec. 6, 2023

This release includes Security updates, adjustments and defect fixes.


Security Adjustments

  • We have improved the security of our product by fixing some potential vulnerabilities that prevent access to user data and privacy.

New Features 

  • Banner - We have added a banner in the User Interface to remind Administrators to complete their migration from AuthAnvil On-Demand to Passly.  
    Please see this article for more information.
  • Directory manager - Users > CSV Import - An issue occurred where if the CSV file contained a row with no display name enrollment emails would not send out. This issue was resolved on the backend and users should receive enrolment emails as normal again. 
  • Auth ManagerAuth Logs – We have enhanced the IP logging to make authentication agent troubleshooting easier.
    We have updated the following articles to aide in troubleshooting these policies.
  • SSO Manager – SAML Logging – We have enhanced the logging of the applications to assist in future troubleshooting for Admins. 
  • SSO Manager - Signing and Encryption - We have enhanced the copy text on this page to make usage more clear. We have also added the following verbiage. 

    Signing and Encryption

    • Certificate Expiration: These certs are still secure and usable in their existing integrations. If you would like to learn more please see this article.


Defect fixes 

  • Disabled / Inactive tenants - An issue occurred that allowed expired tenants to send out password reminder emails
    Tenant Expirations - Passly automatically expires the subscription for a Passly tenant if the subscription is not renewed with Account Management. An expired tenant cannot be accessed by users and all endpoints are locked out. 
    Disabled Email notifications - We have changed Passly so that if a tenant subscription expires the password reminders will immediately be disabled. 
    Disabled Tenant deletion - We have changed Passly so that if the tenant is expired for over 90 days we will delete that tenant. This will be 100% data loss and the tenant will not be able to be restarted. 
  • User Interface improvements  - We have adjusted the interface to confirm with the Kaseya Design system. 
    Header - Video Tutorials. We have adjusted the text so that it is centered for the Open in Vimeo button.
    Terms of Use – The URL was not correctly redirecting for access to the Kaseya Terms of use. This link has been updated. Nothing is required from customers as this was resolved on the backend.
  • SSO Manager Microsoft 365 SAML Application. We have adjusted the group export settings. In SSO Manager → Application Library → Office 365 app → Synchronization tab → Export Group is checked there is a new dropdown.
    A screenshot of a phone

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    A close-up of a sign

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  • Policy Manager
    Authentication Policies
    – An issue occurred where a policy is displayed with an additional 'and' condition after saving the 'or' condition. This issue is resolved and saving the policies should work as expected.
    Authentication Policies – An issue occurs when renaming groups used in a given policy. Each policy needs to be manually updated should the group name used in the policy be changed. Please see this article for more information.
  • Auth Manager
    AgentsAuth API Agent -  An issue occurred when an Auth API Agent was created for an organization that was deleted.

    Admins saw the following error if they deleted an org from Directory Manager > Organizations > Delete Org.

    This issue has been fixed from the back end; no customer actions are needed to resolve this.  





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