Release Notes for Recovery Series, Recovery Max, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup 10.7.8

This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 10.7.8 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.


Rebooting the Unitrends appliance is recommended upon upgrading to this release.


Secure agent pairing status

You can now view an agent's last secure agent pairing status on the Configure > Protected Assets tab. The asset's pairing status is updated when a backup runs, during an inventory sync, or any time the asset is re-saved. You can refresh the pairing status that is displayed on the Protected Assets tab by manually re-saving an asset or performing an inventory sync.

Pairing statuses include:

  • Paired – The agent has been paired.
  • Failed – The agent is not paired. Hover to see the error message. One of these errors has occurred:
    • The client cannot be reached.
    • The agent pairing time window has expired.
    • The agent can’t save pairing keys.
    • The agent pairing request failed.
  • Unsupported – Pairing is disabled or the agent pairing version is not compatible.
  • N/A – Not applicable for this asset.
  • Remote – This asset resides on a managed appliance. Log in to its appliance directly to see the asset's pairing status.


30-day retention policy

Retention settings assure that the necessary recovery points are available on your appliance. Beginning in release 10.7.8, appliances are configured with a default backup retention policy of 30 days. This 30-day policy is applied to each protected asset. For details, see Managing retention with long-term data management in the Administrator Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.

  • The 30-day default retention policy applies to appliances imaged with release 10.7.8 or higher. This default policy does not apply to appliances that were originally imaged with an earlier release. Upgrading an appliance that was imaged with a pre-10.7.8 release does not modify its retention policies in any way.
  • The 30-day default retention policy ensures that 7 daily backups and 4 weekly backups are retained for each protected asset.



SQL Server 2022 on Windows

You can now protect your SQL 2022 environment with application backups. To run application backups, the SQL server must be running Windows 2022 and the 10.7.8 Windows agent. The Unitrends appliance  must be running release 10.7.8. For details, see SQL backup requirements and considerations in the Administrator Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.


Windows agent

This release includes an updated Windows agent. The 10.7.8 agent is recommended for most 64-bit Windows assets is required for Windows fixes in this release.
Beginning in Windows agent release 10.6.6, a secure pairing is automatically established between the appliance and the Windows agent on each of its protected assets. Consider the following before upgrading the Windows agent:

  • If upgrading from a pre-10.6.9 agent release, backups may fail until the pairing completes successfully (this can take up to two hours).
  • To protect Hyper-V clusters, SQL clusters, or file server clusters with the secure agent pairing feature:
    • The cluster must be running agent version 10.6.9 or higher.
    • The Unitrends appliance and cluster must be running in the same time zone.

For additional agent requirements, see Installing or upgrading the Windows agent in the Upgrade Guide for
Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, ION/ION+, and Unitrends Backup.



The table below lists fixes included in this release. 

Component   Fix
  • Windows image-level backup – Fixed an issue that could cause backups to fail sporadically.
Appliance Inventory
  • Notifications are no longer generated for applications that have been uninstalled or upgraded to different versions.
  • Agent pairing operations are now included in the System Notifications report.



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