Passly Browser Extension 7.4.2 - Release Notes

The Passly SSO Sign-On Assistant browser extension is available for Chrome, Edge (Chromium Core) & FireFox. The Extension/Add-On will automatically update. No user action is required for the following changes.

Date May 16th 2023

This release includes defect fixes:

  • Passly Browser Extension injected the lastly added credentials on 2-step login pages. So user was not able to use the credentials that were remembered at first. This was resolved in this release and now User of Passly Browser Extension is be able to select particular credentials related to the record they want to use;

  • In this release we improved Browser Extension icon and credentials list design;
  • We had the issue with duplicated credentials in lists, so we updated it and credentials aren't duplicated and Users can see full credential ‘name’;
  • On specific websites we had the issue that Browser Extension prompts to save the password while that password was already saved. This was resolved in this release;
  • On some websites work of Browser Extension causes blank screens. We've found the issue for these websites and fixed it;
  • We fixed the defect when User navigated to a website Browser Extension prompted to save the credentials even if they were already saved. Now it's fixed;
  • We updated Browser Extension logic that it handles various URLs with port (i.e. :4444);
  • An issue was noticed where Username and HomeRealm weren't saved when “Remember Me” was selected on successful login. This is now resolved and should work as expected. 

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