Passly 7.4.2 - Release Notes

Date May. 10th 2023

This release includes new features, designs, security improvements and defect fixes.


New Features 

Advanced User Synchronization Agent (AUSI) – New Agent (Beta)

  • The Beta version of the agent is now live in the user interface and all customers are welcome to use and test this agent. 
  • The Advanced User Synchronization agent is our next generation Passly Directory Syncing agent.
  • This agent provides the ability to synchronize physical Active Directory and Azure Active Directory with any Passly organization.
  • This agent will replace the legacy Directory synchronization agent going forwards.
    For more information, please check out this Knowledge Base article.

SSO Manager

SSO Manager > Microsoft 365 Graph enabled SAML App

  • For the convenience of Customers, we adjusted synchronization settings for groups on the “Synchronization Tab”. More detailed information could be found here. Knowledge Base article (In Progress)

Group export additional settings

Group export has some additional settings. Firstly, select how the group is synchronized based on its type and email:

  • Only if Type and Email match;
  • Regardless of Type and Email.

Passly groups could be synchronized with existing Office 365 group. Option “Only if Type and Email match” means that the group is synchronized by name and only if its type and email match. If group type and email validation should be out of the synchronization scope, select “Regardless of Type and Email“.


Secondly, if “Only if Type and Email match“ option selected, check whether a new group should be created if type and email don’t match.


By checking that setting the following happens: If there is no matching group found in Office 365 i.e. the group hasn't been synchronized with an existing group in Office 365, then it should be created as a new group regardless of the already existing groups with the same name. If a new group should be created only if it hasn't been synchronized with an existing one and there are no more groups with the same name, leave this option unchecked.

Finally, check if the group duplicates should be removed from Office 365.


If this setting is checked, Passly removes all the groups from Office 365 which have the same name with the Office 365 group that is synchronized with Passly. It means if Passly group is synchronized with Office 365 group and there are other groups with the same name in Office 365, Passly removes them. All groups having the same name that are not synchronized with Passly groups won’t be removed.

If group duplicates should not be removed, leave this option unchecked.

For more information, please check out this Knowledge Base article 

Password Server

Previously, we removed uniqueness for Passwords and Vaults as they have unique identifier. So, in this release we added Password and Vault ID’s in Passly that Users can differentiate them.

  • Vault Manager table.
  • Vault Information page.
  • Passwords table.
  • Password Information page.

New Designs

We adjusted all list selectors to show full list of available data.


Security Improvements

This security release includes additional Azure improvements / optimization tasks for Passly: bug fixes, performance improvements and infrastructure enhancements.


Defect Fix

SSO Manager - SAML Applications - BMS / Other SAML Apps

  • Post release of v7.4.1.2 an issue existed that was preventing some BMS Users from access to BMS externally via This issue was also impacting some 3rd party SAML Apps
  • Work around: All users were able to launch the app tile to access the SAML App via the launchpad.
  • This issue has now been resolved. All logins to & all other SAML Apps should work for all SAML enabled users. 

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