Passly 7.3.9 - Release Notes

Date Feb. 22th 2023

This release includes new features, design changes and defect fixes.


New Features 

SSO Manager

  • Microsoft 365 Federation - When you federate a Microsoft 365 domain Passly will now synchronize all users & groups for that domain automatically.
    Passly will no longer only sync the group selected in "Permissions".
    Using the Permissions tab will only affect the apps shown the Launchpad now.
  • Multiple Domain support Microsoft 365 - The Team has added a new feature to Office 365 application: Users are now able to federate one or more of the domains without impacting the unfederated ones.
    All set up information can be found here: Multiple domains federation via Office 365 applications

Directory Manager

  • Users - With this release when you select delete on a User you will now also be removing their Individual Vault. Note this process cannot be undone, once deleted the individual Vault cannot be recovered. 

Just In Time 2FA

  • We added an organization dropdown on JIT page:blobid1.png

New Designs

  • We updated all Dropdown menus and In-App Videos in Passly accordingly to the global Kaseya Design System.
  • Also, you can find some new video guides: Report Manager, Safer Web Password Sharing, Dark Web ID Compromise Workflow.
  • Additionally, we updated Headers: opacity, on hover tooltip and Notifications.blobid4.png


Defect fixes

SSO Manager

  • Microsoft 365 - Outlook application deep-link wasn’t open outlook after redirect, so we fixed domain injection: all new Office 365 apps will have a correct deep-link to the Outlook app –”

  • Web Work Flow - We fixed a problem during removing of the Web Workflow App from Launchpad.

License Manager

  • License Manager - We fixed an error in wording when there are no licenses assigned. Now there is an error: “There are no licenses assigned“.

Auth Manager

  • Auth Logs - We fixed a bug on Logs page: now Users can see all logs for entire period. Previously the whole month would not correctly display.

Policy Manager

  • Some clients faced with an error while changing parameters on sub-org onboarding policy as Tenant Admins. Now Tenant admin can edit Provisioning Policy regardless of what Org is chosen in Org drop-down.



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