Replication setup when a target is only accessible via UniView


This article explains how to configure replication when direct UI access to a target is restricted.


When the direct UI access to the target is restricted, replication setup fails.


Temporarily enable direct UI access to the target via the toggle button on the Appliance Details page in the UniView Portal.


  • Log in to UniView with a Superuser, Admin, or Manage account.
  • Click Status and select the Appliances view.
  • Select the target appliance.


  • On the Appliance Details page, scroll down to the Settings section.
  • Click the toggle to enable local network access.


  • Log in directly to the appliance UI and setup the source-target pair. For details, see  Adding a Unitrends Cloud backup copy target or Adding a Unitrends appliance backup copy target in this topic: Backup copy targets.
  • Once the replication setup is successful, return to UniView and click the toggle to block local access.



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