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Remove Domain from Domain Watch


How to remove a domain from Domain watch

Answer :

If you are not using Domain Integration with Kaseya and you want to remove the domain to appear under Discovery > Domain Watch, then follow below steps to remove domain from Domain Watch :

Step 1:

Go to Discovery > Domain Watch > select the Domain (you want to delete)

Select the Probe agent > Click on "Uninstall and Detach Org" from top menu options

Step 2:

In Active Directory, locate the Features > Group Policy Management > <example> > Domains <domain> > Group Policy Objects folder. Right-click the ADAgentDeployGPO group policy object and click Delete.

It will stop deployment of any agents through Domain watch.

Step 3:

Then uninstall the agents from the machines appearing under the Domain, including the probe machine agent.

Step 4:

Delete the machine groups associated with the Domain



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