Passly 7.3.7 - Release Notes

Date Dec. 14th 2022

This release includes new features and bug fixes.

New Features

SSO Manager: Office 365 Application

Microsoft announced that the legacy SAML integration through Microsoft Online will be deprecated. Passly has updated our Office 365 Application which works through Microsoft Graph API. Customers should switch to Graph API via (insert link) as soon as possible to prevent any disruption in service. 

New Microsoft 365 SAML federation guide.

What’s new:

  1. Federation and Synchronization tabs are now separated
  2. Selector with Microsoft Online/Microsoft Graph options added
  3. Warning message about Microsoft Online sooner deprecation added
  4. New descriptions added

  5. At “Protocol Setup” tab we removed SAML protocol type for Office 365 application and left only WS-Federation:

For more detailed information about new Office 365 setup please see our updated guide.


Password Server: 

Import/Export - On Premise Password Server Migration

To reduce a number of issues we added a validation for passwords with SNMP type.

We made a restriction for import and export passwords with SNMP type because this type is not supported in Passly. 

If you try to import/export such passwords you will receive errors in Notifications:

  1. Import:
  2. Export

Besides that we added general error in Notification so you could see the list with all failed passwords:

  • Technical Error
    ”Unable to add password with display name Password1 and vault name Vault1. Technical Error occurs. Please try again”.

So now our Customers can see all types of errors here.

For better usage you can now choose which Password Policy Passly should apply on migrated passwords


If password is not complied with chosen Policy it will be added with the error.
Here you can see a link to Policy Manager to create a necessary Policy.


Vaults and Passwords naming:

We removed Password and Vault name uniqueness within tenant and organization, because they both have IDs which will be added in upcoming Releases.


Defect Fixes

Office 365 and DirSync – Azure synchronization

We had a bug with not matching data between Passly and Azure: when user deletesAlternate Principal Name in Passly and syncs to Azure then “Other emails” in Azure were not deleted. In DirSync we had two emails: old and new.
Now it’s fixed: deleting “Alternate Principal Namein Passly causes deleting “Other emails” in Azure and adding email in Passly cause

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