Passly 7.3.6 - Release Notes

Date Nov. 17th 2022 This release includes new features and defect fixes.

New Features

Public API

For the full syncing Users and Groups to BullPhish ID we created a public API to provide this opportunity. Users can now retrieve useful information which come from various sources through Passly to BullPhish ID.

In scope of this work we:

  1. Added "Title" sync attribute;
  2. Implemented and improved integration endpoints;
  3. Created a new page in Integration Manager section:


On this page you can find:

  • Organization selector- each organization has it own credentials;
  • Checkbox Enable Integration;
  • Credentials for BullPhish ID:
    ID - unique client identifier.
    Key - unique secret key.

Both of them you can copy easily by clicking on icon button.



Policy Manager: Authentication

Passly team adjusted Default Auth Policy, so it has the ELSE statement by default now and looks like this:



IT Complete

  • We changed notification if a Passly Organization is already linked to KaseyaOne Organization. Only 1 Passly Organization can be linked to 1 KaseyaOne Organization.
  • Now it displays the following: “This organization already has IT Complete enabled. Please contact your Passly tenant Administrator to have these settings updated”.blobid3.png


Cooper Insights

We prepared 5 new insights for you: Cooper insights are here to help you find more value in the features for your Kaseya modules. 

  1. Have you checked your Password Reminders today?
    We should be rotating all passwords on set frequency. Using your Password Reminder tab will help you track all those credentials we can not automate.
  2. Passly Password automation In your Password Server we can deploy a Sync Agent to any supported Domain Controller, Member server or stand-alone Windows Server. This agent will automatically change passwords on a set schedule.

  3. Proactively identify user login issues with Passly logs Did you know that in the Auth Manager Passly stores the logs for every user login related to your Passly endpoints? Checking your logs can help identify user login issues that have not been reported.
  4. Secure your endpoints by adding geo-fencing to policies There are many ways to secure your endpoints, adding Geo-fencing to your authentication policy can aide in becoming more secure.  You can Geo-fence to the country, state or even city level.

  5. Use directory sync to harvest users easier and faster Passly has a built-in Directory Synchronization agent. This agent will allow you to Sync an OU (Organization Unit from AD Into Passly). DirSync can support multiple domains and multiple organizations.

Defect Fixes

Password Manager: Permissions

We had a bug when User was accessing some of the Password Server pages and in some time the permissions were missing for them, and they could no longer access the same vault. It also applied to ‘read’ icon disappearing. This is now resolved. 

Directory Manager: Directory Sync

We have released DirSync v7.1.2. This release solved the problem which was affecting customers with changing the password in On-Premises AD for the user through Passly. This is now resolved. 

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