Passly Browser Extension v7.3.6 - Release Notes

The Passly SSO Sign-On Assistant browser extension is available for Chrome, Edge (Chromium Core) & FireFox. The Extension/Add-On will automatically update. No user action is required for the following changes.

Date Nov. 7th 2022

New Features

  1. Passly is now supporting Google's Manifest v3 with our Chrome Browser Extension. Manifest v3 represents one of the most significant shifts in the extensions platform since it launched a decade ago. 
  2. Web Password Injection. Passly now supports direct credential injection. Please see this article for information on how injection changed. 

Defect Fixes

  • Browser Extension - We have changed the logic for getting information about Vaults permission. This has improved the user experience in the App.
  • Browser Extension - The extension was filling credentials in inappropriate fields when using RapidFire Tools. We were seeing Username/Password injecting into 2FA/MFA fields. This issue is now resolved.
  • Browser Extension - Some websites were not completing the autofill for username and password if field don't have a particular attribute. This was resolved in this release.
  • Browser Extension - Website added into Individual or Shared Vaults as Web based Passwords without http:// or https:// Example: "" to vault opening to an incorrect page. These passwords will now inject as HTTPS by default to correct this. 
  • Browser Extension - When trying to log into a website it was noticed that the Autofill list is truncated and not scrollable. We have added a scroll bar to make this more usable and easier to read.
  • Browser Extension - When navigating to some sites we observed the extension not working correctly. For example, passwords injected into 2FA/MFA fields, no username injected, no password injected.  We have resolved the issues on these sites, and all should work as expected. 
  • Browser Extension - An issue was noticed where the 'Authentication Profile' drop-down menu doesn't open when creating an SNMP Password. This is now resolved and should work for SNMP passwords as expected. 
  • Browser Extension - An issue was observed on multiple sites where username and/or password data was being injected in 2FA/MFA fields. We have changed the logic in the extension to remove the injection for 2FA/MFA to work around this issue. 

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