Unitrends Agent Pairing - Force Pairing Mode On

Starting with Unitrends release 10.6.6, Secure Agent Pairing features are enabled for Windows which result in secure TLS communication between agent and appliance and prevent unauthorized systems from all communication to the Unitrends Agent.  

In various circumstances, pairing may not have been completed within 25 hours of an agent installation or upgrade to 10.6.6+ release, or, key files necessary for agent operation were removed manually resulting in a need to repair.  


Normally, pairing mode is automatically enabled for 25 hours after an agent is upgraded or newly installed with 10.6.6 or higher when no keyfiles are already present in the C:\PCBPP\keystore directory.  In situations where it is necessary to manually re-pair outside of this time the following process can be used.  

Step 1:  Change Pairing Setting

From a windows command prompt, run the following command:

cli_key_manager.exe json_pairing --action set --force true


Then attempt to re-save or register the asset in the Unitrends UI normally.  This will work for the next pairing attempt only.  If you need to pair manually with multiple appliances, repeat this step after each pairing.  


Alternatively, you can set a pairing window to retain pairing mode until a specified date or date and time.  The time value is optional and can be left off.  Please use date formats as MM/DD/YYYY  time should be in 24 hour format if included.  

cli_key_manager.exe json_pairing --action set --exp "05/19/2022 09:20"


Step 2: Reload Listener

Once pairing is set, it is necessary to restart the bpagent service in windows to load this change in setting.   To do this open the windows services control panel, locate the service titlesd Bpagent, and restart the service.  


Step 3: Pair the Agent

If you have yet to successfully register the asset to an appliance, an attempt now would succeed. 

If the asset was prior registered and was presenting pairing or SSL errors, it would be necessary now to also follow additional steps on the appliance. 

 Please see our KB Unitrends Agent Pairing - Clearing Appliance Pairing for information on how to clear prior pairing status on the appliance as needed.  

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