How to force file-level (Windows) backup failure for skipped files (Bypassing skipped files threshold)


Failed backup status is desired instead of a warning when even one file is skipped.


By default, the Unitrends Backup agent version 9.2.0-3 and above allows for 1 in every 1000 files to be skipped resulting in the backup completing with a warning status.


A new key/value pair can be added to C:\PCBP\master.ini on the client which will control if skipped files are allowed or not.

  1. Open C:\PCBP\MASTER.INI with a suitable text file editor.
    • In certain cases, you may need to open notepad as an admin to be allowed to save the file.
  2. Add FailOnFilesSkipped=1 under the [BProfessional] section
    • Values are 1 or 0
      • 1 = true = fail if any file is skipped
      • 0 = false = allow skipped files and warn
  3. Save the file

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