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How disable offline alerts for clients/assets no longer being protected


There are cases where a customer customer may want to keep a client/asset registered to an appliance even after it has been decommissioned such as long term retention and retaining the ability to perform "Import To Source" functionality from a target appliance or Unitrends cloud.


Alerts are not generated for clients/assets that are not enabled, therefore we can disable it to prevent unwanted offline asset alerts.

1. Disable a specific asset with the name of <client_name>
psql bpdb -c "update bp.nodes set status='0' where status > '0' and node_name ilike '<client_name>'"
2. Close open offline alerts for all unreachable assets
psql bpdb -c "update bp.alerts set closed='t' where notification_id='9' and closed='f'"
3. Confirm that the offline alerts for the above mentioned will not return

Note: Restores can only be performed when the asset is enabled, so there may be cases when you would like to re-enable to asset which is detailed below:

Re-enable a specific asset with the name of <client_name>
psql bpdb -c "update bp.nodes set status='1' where status='0' and node_name ilike '<client_name>'"


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