Hot to create a simple hot copy job (to the cloud)

FIRST: Prior to creating a backup copy job, the local source appliance must be connected to the offsite target or Cloud target. 


To add a Unitrends Cloud backup copy target

1 On the Configure > Appliances page, select your appliance.

2 Click the Backup Copy Targets tab.

3 Select Add Target > Unitrends > Unitrends Cloud.

4 Enter your Unitrends Cloud license string in the text box and click Submit.

5 Final configuration steps take place in the background and can take up to 15 minutes to complete. When complete:
• A Unitrends Cloud device has been added as a backup copy target.
• The Unitrends appliance name has been modified to include an additional 12 characters, required to uniquely identify this appliance in the Unitrends Cloud.

6 Fine-tune settings as described in Return to the source backup appliance and fine-tune settings by adjusting connection options.


To create a backup copy job for a Unitrends Cloud target 

Use this procedure to copy backups to the Unitrends Cloud. 

Note: A given asset can be included in only one job per backup copy target. 

1 Log in to the source backup appliance. 

2 Click Jobs > Active Jobs > Create job > Backup Copy. 

3 Enter a unique Job Name. 

4 In the Inventory tree, check boxes to select assets whose backups will be copied. 
• To locate an asset by name, use the Search field below. 
• Expand the tree as necessary to select VMs and applications. 
• Select a virtual host to select all of its VM assets. 
• Select an application instance to select all of its databases or storage groups. 

5 Click Next. 

6 Select Unitrends Cloud in the Backup Copy Target list. 

7 Click Save.  


For more granular configuration details or hot copy jobs to other targets, see Creating backup copy jobs from the Administrator's Guide.

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