Unitrends Backup Portal Agent installation fails


Troubleshooting steps to resolve issues where the Unitrends Backup Portal Agent installation fails and produces error.


When installing the Unitrends Backup Portal agent the following errors may be returned: 
root: Installer - Executing setup script
root: Installer - New installation, registering
Installation failed
root: Agent - Starting services
root: Agent - Starting Agent
root: Agent - Msp process did not start
curl: (35) SSL connect error
root: Installer - Executing setup script
root: Installer - New installation, registering
Installation failed
root: Installer - Getting asset tag
root: Installer - Getting reggen file
root: Error - Token is malformed, please generate a new installation




  1. Connect to the Unitrends Appliance using an SSH terminal program (e.g. PuTTY) and authenticate using the user 'root'.
  2. Uninstall Unitrends Backup Portal agent by issuing this command: sudo /usr/utmsp/uninstall.sh
  3. Stop the database and restart the Unitrends appliance by following the instructions in the article Shutdown or restart a Recovery Series appliance.
  4. Verify that the Firewall that the Unitrends is behind allows traffic over 443. Traffic from the Unitrends Appliance should not be filtered, as it could be stopped by Layer 3 or Layer 7 filters.
  5. Using the Unitrends Backup Portal, generate new curl script.
  6. Run the script on the Unitrends appliance again and wait 5 to 10 minutes. If this has not resulted in the appliance showing up on the list, execute this command: /usr/utmsp/start.sh

At this point, you should see the appliance displayed in about 10 minutes from executing the command. If you are still not able to see it, contact us so we can engage further to find the right resolution.


The MSP agent uses port 443 for communication. Port 443/HTTPS is the HTTP protocol over TLS/SSL and is used for secure web browser communication. Due to this any type of SSL traffic filter will restrict communication over port 443 and cause issues for systems that utilize port 443. 


For more information on configuring your firewall for a Unitrends appliance, see  What Firewall Ports should be allowed from the Unitrends appliance through my firewall?

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