The Unitrends Backup Portal reports "Time since last successful backup exceeded"


This means that you set a conditional alarm to alert on any backups or backup copies that exceeded a certain period of time since the last successful one occurred.  This alert helps you avoid unacceptable data loss, regardless of whether there is a failed backup or any other reason the backup was not completed within the prescribed time period.

The following list includes some of the more common reasons why this alarm might be triggered.

  • Backups failed
  • The asset is not in a job
  • The schedule of the job is not aligned to the threshold (e.g. threshold is 1 hour, but backups run daily)
  • The job has been disabled
  • The job didn't run for some reason (e.g. appliance is offline or backups are stuck in a hung state)


To remediate the issue, go the asset and verify when it's last good backup was.
Check for any errors in prior backup runs or whether it might be in a job that is disable - or on an appliance that is powered off.


The Unitrends Backup Portal introduces a conditional alarm to alert when a backup or backup job has exceeded past an acceptable time period.


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