Moving the Hot Backup Copy (Replication) Target (After Seeding/Re-Seeding or Relocation) and the External IP Address changes


Moving the Replication Target (After Seeding/Re-Seeding) to a location where the External IP address of the target changes



The Source and Target first establish communications using the hardware IP address (usually theExternal IP Address) to establish the OpenVPN tunnel over port 1194. Communication from that point on occur using the Tunnel network.

This process ensures that the Source DPU can find the Target DPU to establish the communications to re-create the tunnel after moving the Replication Target. This applies to the Physical and Virtual Appliances.

For more information on Hot Backup Copy (Replication) issues see Unitrends KB 5030 - Hot Backup Copy (Replication) Overview, Setup and Error Troubleshooting



1) Suspend Replication

2) Shutdown the Target.

  • Connect to the target's web GUI and navigate to Configure > Appliances > Edit > General > Shutdown/Restart.

3) Physically move the Target to new Location, and power on Target.
4) Configure IP for the Target

  • Physically connect a keyboard and monitor to the DPU (if this is a UEB, use the Hypervisor Console option).
  • Click the option Network Setup to configure the IP Address of ETH0.
  • Once completed, choose option Configure DNS to change the Primary and Secondary DNS settings.
  • Perform the network test using the option Network Test. By default it will ping to domain You can change this to be an IP address, but a domain will confirm IP and DNS are setup correctly.
  • Ensure that UDP port 1194 (OpenVPN) has been allowed to pass traffic between the Source IP address and the new IP Address.

5) Change the Target "-nonVPN" address in the Source's Host Table

  • Confirm that you can ping the External IP address of the Target (NOTE: Network security must allow for ICMP traffic to perform this test).
  • From the Main Menu with the blue icons, click on Configure > Appliances > Network > Edit Hosts File
  • Locate the entry with the suffix -nonVPN and click on it. Change the IP address to the new External IP address for the Target.
  • Use an SSH capable Terminal client to connect to the Source DPU. Restart OpenVPN by executing this command: service openvpn restart
  • Verify that communication is possible in both directions through this open VPN tunnel. Form the Source Command Line Interface, type ifconfig and locate the tun0 ip address entry. The Target is usuall and the Source IP will be assigned by the Target. This communication occurs over port 1194.

6) Restart the Source Unit
7) Restart Backup Copy

  • Once the Source has restarted, us the command line interface to issue the command ifconfig
  • If you see the tun0 address the OpenVPN is successful and you can now restart backup copy.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Logs for OpenVPN are listed in /var/log/messages and look for openvpn.

If you need assistance, contact Unitrends Support.


This method is supported when using best practices as per the Replication FAQ or the Unitrends Enterprise Backup 9.0 Administrators Guide by configuring and using the OpenVPN Secure Tunnel.

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