Error: Unable to create final metadata. This backup copy will now retry.


Troubleshooting steps to resolve an issue with creating or sending final metadata.


The final metadata for the backup, also know as HaCTAR, did not build correctly or was not successfully sent to the target.

The following error message is displayed:

sds_stats message: Failed: Unable to create final metadata. This Backup Copy will now retry to target <target>.

For more information on Hot Backup Copy (Replication) issues see Unitrends KB 5030 - Hot Backup Copy (Replication) Overview, Setup and Error Troubleshooting


To debug:

  • View the recipe log file on the source appliance
  • View the vaultServer log file on the target.
If the vault server logs show the following:
vaultServer[9.0.0-13.20160516_1900, pid = 12304]: started on Fri Jul 29 2016 13:55:56 EDT (Log level=0)
Jul 29 13:55:56 : [LOG0] vaultServer.c:3277: -=-=- New request for backup : unknown -=-=-
Jul 29 13:55:56 : [LOG0] vaultServer.c:3284: Received request: replication disabled
  1. Verify that tasker is stopped:
    dispatch status
  2. Start tasker on target:
    /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start


The failure may be due to:

  • A network failure between source and target
  • Space problems on the target (devmonitor)
  • Encryption problems on the target (though most likely a failure would be seen at an earlier phase)

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