Cannot replicate initial data set over network - Rapid Seed Instructions


Cannot replicate initial data set over network - Rapid Seed Instructions



To explain how to seed the initial data set to a replication target.


Rather than replicate the initial data set over the network from the backup system to the replication target, seed the data as described in the Rapid Seed document. For replicating systems, use the Rapid Seed for Backup Copy Target Appliances.



Note:  Unitrends supports the following hardware for Replication Seeding:

Any UEB or Recovery Series Hardware:  (Required to seed to unitrends Cloud in most cases)
- A Unitrends Provided and supported NAS device.   

VMWare UEB, or Recovery Series hardware desktop or 1U systems that DO NOT have an eSATA or SAS port for archive:
- USB 2.0 Unitrends provided single-bay USB/SATA Docking unit and Unitrends Supported Archive SATA drives  (some few RS units do support USB3 but require a new dock to do so, this new dock will work with older units as well on USB2.  See product documentation to know if your RS unit supports USB3).  

VMWare UEB or Recovery Series hardware with 2 or more eSATA ports, or, eSAS port and eSAS-to-eSATA breakout cable:  (With SAS Controller 9211-4i, along with an external SAS bracket installed in VMWare ESXi Host:)
-   Unitrends RXDA Archive Appliance with 1-4 Unitrends Supported SATA drives.

VMWare UEB orRecovery Series unit with single SATA port:  (with vmware supproted SATA controller, see VMWare documentation for info)
-  Unitrends SATA single-bay docking station and supported SATA drives

What is not supported:
- USB or SATA connected to Hyper-V hosts for passthru to UEB.  Hyper-V only supports seeding via NAS device or direct replication over WAN.  
- Drives in a retail hardware or other packaging connected in a method other than a unitrends Supported Docking station.
- "Green" drives of ANY kind.
- Thumb drives or other USB storage devices.  
- a USB device connected to a Recovery Series hardware appliance that also has a SAS or eSATA port.  USB is expressly disabled if SATA can be used.  

Please note that replication seeding is a paid service provided by Unitrends and MSPs, Partners, Cloud Providers, and our VARs.  The support that Unitrends may be able to provide for customer self-seeding who have not paid for this service may be limited. Unitrends Support cannot perform the service for customers, and can only assist when a customer or partner has encountered errors in the seeding process, and only where supported hardware is used.  As with all installation services, Unitrends recommends that Unitrends Professional Services, or similar as may be offered y your vendor, be used for all installation efforts including new deployments, field upgrades to new units, and replication configuration and seeding.  If you have questions about these service offerings, please contact your Unitrends Sales rep or partner.  

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