Do not manipulate the CloudHook filesystem at the provider.


The CloudHook feature writes a filesystem on the cloud provider bucket which can be corrupted by manual changes at the provider.


The CloudHook feature provides a filesystem written to various cloud storage providers (Amazon, Google, Rackspace, etc.) and the filesystem allows very large backup files to be stored in the cloud bucket. The filesystem is written in various s3ql_data* block files (10MB each), with s3ql_metadata* and s3ql_seq_no* files also within the cloud provider bucket.

Since this is a complete filesystem, manually manipulating or moving any of the s3ql block files in the cloud bucket from the cloud provider web interface will likely result in the loss of the logical data stored in that cloud bucket.


To examine the Backup Copy files within the cloud filesystem, first mount the cloud filesystem on the Unitrends system. Once mounted, the logical files can be viewed from the mounted filesystem. Copying the Backup Copy files to a different location can be done but requires both the files and the associated metadata, and may require assistance from Unitrends support.

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