Import from Cloud and Restore files to a NAS


Adding NAS CIFS or NFS Target

Perform Import to Source


Add NAS CIFS or NFS target

  1. Select Configure > Protected Assets.
  2. Click Add > NAS.add-nas-1.png
  3. Enter the NAS Name. The name cannot contain spaces.
  4. Select the Appliance that will protect this asset.
  5. Enter the NAS IP address or resolvable hostname.
  6. Select the CIFS or NFS protocol.
  7. The Port field contains the default for the protocol selected. If the protocol uses a custom port, enter that port number.
  8. Enter the full directory pathname of the NAS share in the Share Name field. Do not use leading or ending slashes.
    • Example pathname: parentShare/subDirectory1/subDirectory2.
    • To protect only the subDirectory2 share and its subdirectories, enter parentShare/subDirectory1/subDirectory2.
    • To protect parentShare and all of its subdirectories, enter parentShare.
    • If credentials are required to access the share and these credentials enable access to a parent directory only, enter the full path to the parent directory. You can specify desired folders and files to include in the backup when you create the job.
  9. If credentials are required to access the NAS share, enter the Username and Password.
    Note: For the CIFS protocol, the password must not contain spaces. (Spaces can be used in passwords for the NFS protocol only.)
  10. Click Save.



Perform Import to Source

From the source appliance, you can recover hot backup copies that reside in the Unitrends Cloud or that reside on a target appliance. The recovery procedures either import the backup copy to the source appliance or recover files directly from the backup copy on the target.

To recover an entire backup copy, you must first import the backup copy to the source backup appliance. Once the backup copy has been imported, recover from the imported backup copy by using the Recover from backups or imported backup copies procedures.

For details on importing a backup copy, see To import a hot backup copy.


Perform File restores

To recover files from backup copies that reside in the Unitrends Cloud or reside on a target appliance, run these procedures from the source backup appliance:

To select files and folders from a VM host level backup copy

Perform Restore of whole import to NAS

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