Create additional User Accounts in the Unitrends Backup Portal


Adding a user


Adding a user
Note: If multi-factor authorization (MFA) has been enabled for your Unitrends Backup Portal instance, new users are automatically prompted to configure the MFA application when they log in for the first time.

To add a user:
1) Log in to the Unitrends Backup Portal with an account that has the Admin or Superuser role.

Note: To add a user, you must log in to the Unitrends Backup Portal with an Admin or Superuser account. As Admin, you can add a user account and assign it any role other than Superuser. As Superuser, you can add a user and assign it any role, including that of Superuser.

2) Click your user name and select Settings:

User-added image

3) In the Users view, click +.

User-added image

4) Enter the user's email, role, and password.

The role you select determines what the user can access in the portal:
• Monitor – Has read-only access to the user interface and reports.
• Manage – Has Monitor access and can start backup jobs and modify retention settings.
• Admin – Has access to everything, including appliance configuration, backup job configuration and management, and user creation. The Admin role cannot create or modify Superuser accounts.
• Superuser – Has access to everything, including creating and modifying other Superuser accounts.

5) (Optional) Add one or more scopes, or click to slide Global Scope to add access to all scopes.

Note: The scopes option does not display for the Superuser role as all scopes are accessible for superuser accounts.

6 Click Add.


Pulled from the Unitrends Backup Portal Guide:

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