Unitrends Backup Portal login loops between two pages and never logs in


After entering in credentials and two factor authentication information the URL of the webpage continually oscilates between two pages instead of proceeding to login: {homerealm}.backup.net/r/app/dashboard and {homerealm}.backup.net/r/app/signin-oidc#id_token=...


Confirm that your workstation's time is set correctly.  There are many websites such as https://time.is/ which can confirm the current time in your timezone.  Check to make sure your workstation's time is set as close to the time reported on your search as possible.


The login for the Unitrends Backup portal has a built-in timeout, and if the request comes back too far in the past or the future from the time configured in the workstation it will make the request again until it is within the margin of error, approximately 5 minutes. 

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