Notification: Backup copy Suspension for [source asset] has been cleared by the administrator on target [target asset]


Informational email received indicating suspension has been cleared.


An email is received indicating:

"Backup copy Suspension for [source asset] has been cleared by the administrator on target [target asset]."

"Backup Copy suspension for DP-714S-605-12345 has been cleared by the administrator on target lab-ltr-dp-123456098765"


The message is a notification that Unitrends has resumed the Replication Backup Copy (Hot) process on the system and that the source system will now begin sending data to the Unitrends target system.

No action is required.

To see the current Unitrends Cloud status, see the Kaseya Status page. To receive updates regarding all Kaseya Cloud operations, select the Subscribe button in the upper-right corner of the page.


This message is new as of release 9.0 and provides more clear communication when the replication target was undergoing maintenance or was rebooted from our end.

This message replaces most "service announcement" messages received separately in the past and will align to the specific time we start and end any maintenance activity. It will also help indicate any interruption to replication experienced related to administrative tasks on our end.

The message indicates one of the following events took place:

  • A user with administrative privileges has restarted the Replication process.
  • If using our Cloud solution, we have restarted the Replication process.
  • If you performed an update to the DPU, the replication process has reached a point where the Replication processes can be, and have been restarted.
  • System or Database related maintenance that required Replication to be suspended.
  • A process related to Replication needed to be restarted (e.g.: hung service).

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